Transform your business dreams into reality with 'Online Business Establishment & Strategy

Online Business Establishment & Strategy” is a training program to help you establish your business online and help with understanding of making strategies for growth of multiple businesses along with a deep understanding of securing your money when it comes to investing in an online business .

Covering various aspects from social media
marketing and SEO to email marketing and paid advertising, this course provides a holistic
approach to digital marketing.

Additionally, participants will learn how to monetize their
digital marketing skills effectively for online income.




Online Business Establishment & Strategy

An actionable, step-by-step training program to help you to provides & create making strategies for growth of multiple businesses

This Course will give you access to...

1 on 1 sessions

Video Trainings for All Lessons to Guide You Through the Process

Weekly Tasks

Digital and Printable Workbooks and Cheatsheets


Downloadable Certificate from All Training for Easy Referencing

The results!

Through your guidance, I gained the confidence to launch my marketing agency and Insha Allah with my consistent efforts I will run it successfully. Now I have a clear direction and knowledge to run social media marketing campaigns and ads. The practical work you assign and then evaluate is an actual game-maker. I am glad that I booked this course with you. I would say the time, money, effort and everything I put into this course is worth it. FDE is The best platform I would suggest to everyone aspiring to learn digital marketing. As Shomaila says “Is course mai itna sikha dun gi k aram sy earning start kr sako gy” and she means it
Thank you Shomaila and FDE.

FDE Students

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Deep understanding of online business establishment.
 90% success rate. High end tips and tricks to make your online business stand out.
Methods of investing your money in the right way for higher ROI.
How to make business development strategies.
Market research and product identification techniques.
Role of social media platforms and their use for marketing the products.
Role of E-commerce platforms and choosing the right one for your business.
Scaling & growth strategies.


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An additional class will be done with Shomaila to look at the potential prospects of how to monetize your social media advertisement skills and teach you multiple ways of marketing yourself, pitching to the clients, and finding potential work as soon as possible.


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