Want Financial Independence?

Master valuable skills and learn monetize them with our assistance.

Eager to embrace a future with financial freedom? Well, the wait is over because FDE has got your back. 

Want Financial Independence?

Master valuable skills and learn to monetize them with our assistance.

Eager to embrace a future with financial freedom? Well, the wait is over because FDE has got your back. 

helped 10,000 people to become digital entrepreneurs

learn digital marketing, become an ads specialist or get into the field of digital content creation, we have it all under our roof.

True wealth is not about money, it's about having options and financial freedom.

Your inner voice speaks of freedom and power. be free, take control, and be your own boss.

Feel free to reach out if you’re eager to learn a new skill or want to transform it into a source of income. We are here to provide comprehensive guidance on how to achieve financial stability and establishing a strong digital presence through our coaching and courses. Let us help you craft your path to financial success

let’s make you a digital entrepreneur !!

how we can help you?


If you feel lost and unsure about your next steps, schedule a call with us. We’ll provide guidance tailored to your interests, helping you find the best path to financial success

we offer multiple program where you can avail one on one live sessions with the experts of the industry and learn the high paying skills.

We have top class team to take your business on next level. from google ads, to influencer campaigns we cover it all.

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We are proud of the digital entrepreneurs we made !!

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our teaching methodology

all our students are important for us !

Our live one-on-one sessions offer personalized attention, allowing mentors to focus entirely on individual students. we provide a unique two-in-one opportunity, where Not only will mentors teach the skill, but also guide on monetizing it. Plus, our support extends beyond the course completion.

want to customise your course?

Tailored courses designed just for you! Share your requirements, and our top experts at FDE will create a customized course outline. Get in touch now!

about shomaila

top of the line marketing consultant, coach and digital content creator !

Shomaila, our co-founder is a Highly experienced and results-driven digital marketing leader, brand representative, and content creator with over 8 years of experience in developing and executing successful online and offline marketing strategies and creating business relationships for a variety of industries. She has a Proven track record of creating content, increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, and boosting engagement.

As a strong Girl who broke all the stereotypes of the society she is a motivation and an inspiration for a strong number of people. One of the main motivations for shomaila to start FDE was to empower women by giving them a platform that can help them in learning skills and earning money in the comfort of their homes.

our teaching methodology

about FDE

FDE was founded in 2021 by Shomaila Niazi and Majid Khan. FDE is the top platform for learning digital skills and moneitising them.

The main motivation behind FDE is to empower people to get out of rat race and work on things that can make them money from the comfort of their homes. you only live once ! does it make sense to you to work an entire week for someone else’s company and live your life only on the weekends? we want to promote financial freedom and our goal is to empower atleast 10,000 individuals per year !

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