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At FDE, we understand that starting an online business or making money online can be a daunting task.
That’s why we have created a comprehensive consultation and mentorship program to help guide our
clients every step of the way. Our program includes a range of services designed to help individuals
explore their options for making money online and creating a successful online business.

The first step of our program is the consultation,

where we take the time to get to know our clients and their goals. During the consultation, we help them identify their interests and strengths, and explore different options for making money online. We give them a week to do their market research and come back to us with their findings.

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Build future skills and share your knowledge

We believe everyone has something to offer. Share your unique skills and experiences

Live Class

In consultation program we provide you with top of the line market experts to discuss your potential and help you with your confusions

1 ON 1 Coaching

we give one on one coaching sessions to the people who understand the value of learning a skill for making money online.

Task 7 Quizes

Real time learning with Tasks is also given for making your understanding and practice better for the market.

The best online consultation

Enhance & scale your learning experience

Our mentorship program includes guidance on each step of the way, from creating a business plan to building a website, marketing their products or services, and building a customer base. We also provide ongoing support to help our clients stay motivated and focused on their goals.

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Learn new skills when and where you like.

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The success story of our CEO

Shomaila Niazi is a woman of substance and an inspiration for many

She is one of the founders and CEO of FDE, an online platform that helps people make money from home. Shomaila started her journey as a digital entrepreneur a few years ago and since then, there has been no turning back. She has achieved remarkable success and has become a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs.
Shomaila hails from Pakistan, a country where women face many challenges in the workforce. However, Shomaila did not let any obstacle stop her from achieving her goals. She realized the potential of online work and started learning various skills like graphic designing, video editing, and freelancing. With time, she honed her skills and started offering her services on various freelancing platforms.
Shomaila Niazi started her journey in the online world as a digital Entrepreneur. She quickly realized the
potential of social media as a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their customers and expand
their reach. Shomaila began working with large firms, helping them to develop and execute social media
marketing strategies that would engage their target audience and drive sales. 

Students Feedback

Results like these are waiting for you…

When I was joining I had no idea that it will actually work but after 4th lecture only I closed my first high end client. That too without any previous experience… trust me Shomaila if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have achieved it. I can’t wait to enroll in my next training program

Consultation Student

 Being a single mother and leaving my child behind at home with the maid was the biggest thing hurting me. Honestly, I can’t thank you enough. I freely takecare for my family and enjoy working from home. This has been life changing for me😭

Consultation Student

Me double minded thi k instructor k sath course lyny se kia hi mily ga, lakin these market experts know what they are doing and I am highly satisfied with my learning journey can’t wait to pitch to clients and make some extra money for my university fee.

Consultation Student

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